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Welcome to U.S. Gold Recycling, LLC and our family of web sites.  We are here to offer you a competitive price for your unwanted gold jewelry, gold watches, gold coins, dental gold, scrap gold, etc.


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Our goal is to provide you with very fast service. As soon as your gold jewelry arrives we inventory your items, inspect it, weigh it and make you an offer - that same day. No one exchanges cash for gold more quickly than we do!

We are one of the few reputable companies that actually publish the formula we use to when we pay you for your gold. When you sell us your gold, you are not left in the dark about how much you are going to get for your items. First, you can figure within a few dollars how much we will pay you for your gold by using our cash for gold formula. Next, every customer has the option to know EXACTLY how much we will offer before we take the transaction a single step further.

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In order to sell us your old gold, simply fill out our Gold to Cash Mailing Kit request form on the right and you will be on your way!

If you are not satisfied with our gold offer, that is completely fine with us. We encourage customers to compare rates of competitors. If you do not like the offer and want your gold back, simply let us know at the time the offer is made and we'll pay the postage to securely send your gold jewelry back to you.