How much will you pay me for my gold?

To start, gold is typically weighed in Troy Ounces (ozt).

1 Troy Ounce (ozt) = 31.1 Grams (g)

1 Troy Ounce (ozt) = 20 Penny Weight (dwt)

We have a pretty accurate formula we use to evaluate your gold, explained below, but first there are a few things you need to realize about your jewelry before we go into the details of our payout system.

The weight of your ring is not the weight of the gold.

Let's say you have a 14k gold wedding band and the ring weighs, say 5 penny weight (dwt) (7.78 grams (g)). Of that entire ring, only about 55% pure gold and the rest consists of other metals that are not so valuable. Our formulas are based on the current price of gold as its traded on the exchange and the purity of the gold you send us. The more pure the gold is, the more we can pay per piece of jewelry.

Current 100% PURE Gold Price:

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To figure a very close approximate offer we will make for your gold, please use the chart below. Simply weigh all your gold items by karat and add each karat payout up. We provided both GRAM and PENNY WEIGHT payouts. If you have a scale that only measures in GRAMS, be sure to calculate your payout using the GRAMS column.


Jewerly Karat
PAYOUT Per Gram of Jewelry
PAYOUT Per Penny Weight of Jewelry
10k Gold
12k Gold
14k Gold
18k Gold
24k Gold

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Things we consider in our valuation

We consider all elements of your jewelry when we value your gold items. Components such as fake gems, gold plating, glass parts (face of a watch) etc. are essentially worthless. We only buy gold and the more pure, the better.

We understand there are lots of jewelry pieces out there that have embedded diamonds and other precious stones. If that is the case you can either remove the diamonds and sell them separately or you can send them along with your order and we will consider the stones when making an offer.

Real people with real skill look at your jewelry. We know the values of precious gems and precious metals to give you an accurate quote.